GIANG MAY VIET Ltd., A New Style, A Modern Beauty

Company was established in early of 2003 as the company specializes in producing handicraft products from manufacturing to exporting the powder coated aluminum & steel frames combined with In- Out door funiture woven by polly rattan.

MISSION: With ambition and strength to our determination, the company has continually improve and invest in advanced equipment, concentrating all resources to be able to compete with the market place in order to maintain brand and bring industry craft of our country was widely known from dosmetic to foreign with desire to ensure life for provincial employees.

CLIENTS: To date, the company has been gradually improved branding and reputation in the domestic market and internationally with over 10 years of production for Scancom ltd - one of the leading retail group of the exterior line. At the same time we expand our exports to European, UK market and another potential countries.

WORKSHOP AREA: 8.000 m2, in cooperation with provincial wire supplier, we have owned an aluminum & steel frame factory and woven labours at local in order to control the output quality from raw material to the finished products, and the real price after production.

PRODUCTS: Aluminum frame - powder coated with scratch-resistant and others artframe, flower pots, furniture products made of polly rattan with testing reach to European standards, non- toxic. Cushion T20, T30, Waterproof or sunscreen cushion which depend on the needs or using of customers.

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